Max Kempthorne (Onzo, Wellington Fleet Manager) Interview

Max was invited to work for Onzo by one of his friends who was at the time the fleet manager. Max’s friend soon left the company and Max was promoted to Wellington fleet manager (still on minimum wage though). Max had no mechanical or managing qualifications but he took the exciting new opportunity. It was a big change from the Pattenting office from where he came. When he arrived at the company he soon found out that it was a “Satellite company” that communicates through emails only. He has never met the owner of the company nor the operations manager. The company has no philosophies, that he’s aware of.

Max proceeded to identify many faults with the bikes. All of which can be attributed to a poorly built bike. The main fork snaps in half,

inner wiring to the locks and lights snap,

there are break failures,

the front basket falls off, the stand crumples

and the pedals break and fall off.

It sounds like many of Onzos problems could be solved by simply taking the time to make a better bike.

A few extra facts about the bikes:
There are roughly 1400 rides a month
The Wellington fleet makes $700 every fortnite

Damage is 75% general wear and tear (due to poor quality build), the rest of the 25% is due to vandalism or intentionally inflicted damage.

It costs $200 to have one bike manufactured in China
By the time 1 bike arrives in New Zealand it is worth $600-$700, due to shipping and other additional costs.

Max has already left the company since my interview with him but he has kindly offered to answer any more questions that I have.

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